November 10, 2018

All the proceeds from this race will benefit the Dyersburg Community Mission Blitz.

The Community Mission Blitz brings churches throughout Dyersburg together to be the hands and feet of Christ by performing service projects, providing meals and sharing God’s love to individuals in need. Over 500 volunteers will fan out across the community on the Mission Blitz day in April. With the addition of the proceeds from this race, service projects will also be able to be performed throughout the year.

2018 Fyrne Lake Trail Run Events:

10K Trail Run, 5K Fun Run

5K Trail Walk, Kids Inflatable Fun Run

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Runners Comments:

"From packet pick-up to awards presentation, everything was very enjoyable. I liked being able to pick the packet up early (it just made me feel more "together" the morning of). The goody bag was probably the best I have EVER received! Props to you'll for organizing a great first race!! Only complaint I have is...I don't want to wait until next November to do it again...can you'll organize one for the spring ~ even if its a 5k :) !!

ps-can't really think of anything I would have liked to have seen done differently. Thanks again!!"

"We loved it, and we plan to make it one of our yearly races. It was a tough course, but we loved it and happy to have something nearby that is a "trail" run rather than having to drive an hour+ away. We especially loved the kids races. I like that they gradually increase in distance and how each child receives a medal for participation. We love for our son to participate in races but at this age we are more interested in him setting personal goals rather than the "competitive" side and this race did that for him. It was obvious how well organized it was. Great job. You usually don't get that with first year races."

"I really enjoyed the race this weekend. You really did a great job putting this together. We don't get to trail run much in this area and everyone seemed to really enjoy it. I haven't had that much fun in post race hanging out and conversations all year. Everyone had a story to tell about the trail. The guitarist, the hill, the mud, the beautiful scenery, and the run through the jungle towards the end. Thanks for showing us a good time and I will sign up for any race you have at Fyrne Lake."

“You guys did a great job putting this race together. Fyrne Lake is the perfect venue for the race. The course was fantastic; it was well marked and easy to follow. There were a couple of spots that were hard, but that’s what made it fun. Matthew Gant’s music was fun and the food after the race was great. I really hope you put this on again next year, I can’t think of anything I would like to see changed. Thanks again for a great race.”

"The run was well orchestrated and I love the course. Thanks for all your hard work as it seemed very well run. I also enjoyed seeing the many smiles when the door prizes were distributed. That is always a great way to include those who are not competitive. Thanks and Congratulations! "

"I thought the race was outstanding! Thanks to all the people involved in planning such a good race. The course was beautiful, and very well marked. The weather was perfect. Thanks to all for the hours and work put into this event."

"I just want to let you know how much I enjoyed the race. The weather was, of course, perfect, and the course was appropriately challenging. You did a great job with it. I've been looking for a chance to run barefoot and this was the (almost) perfect opportunity."

"Just wanted to let you know I really loved the 10K run. It was fun! The weather was great! I love the design on the shirt... "

"That is a beautiful place. I really enjoyed the two mile walk. You had everything organized real well."

"Thank you for the really fun vent Saturday. I loved the 10k course. The markings, the grass option, the mix of the hills, the live music out on the course. Very well done. Very good food and plenty of it. Well done."

"I enjoyed the race even though I normally don't run that distance. Overall I liked everything. The kids enjoyed their races and they were excited about their medals. The bananas and burgers and hot dogs were nice for after the race. The kids were excited about winning a soccer ball. I think that you did a great job with the race. I know several people were excited about a trail race and I know I enjoyed it. It was definitely a new experience that will probably get me out on the trail and outdoors more often."

"Definitely an event worth keeping...Thanks again for creating and hosting a really cool running venue."

"Great job with the race. My girls enjoyed the course and the hill at the end was the topic of conversation all weekend. Thanks for all you do for the kids."

"It was a great event on Saturday... Can't wait for next year!"